Product growth trends in 2021: not only quantity but also quality

Desensitisers and rodenticides are not the products covered by the term "fashion". However, the market for such goods may change even more often than the range of products of car brands or clothing manufacturers. It becomes more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly. A successful company must constantly improve its products. This is what we have been doing since 2005. Keeping our ears pressed to the market and regularly updating the product range, "Usadba-Agrochem" LLC was able to take a leading position in Ukraine. And for 2021 we have very big plans.

How to choose products of disinsection and deratization?
When choosing products for disinsection and deratization it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:
- efficiency. First of all, the product must qualitatively cope with its tasks- the destruction of cockroaches, rodents, insects, pests.
- security. Modern remedies focus only on the pest they are fighting. They must be safe for pets, not pose a threat to the specialist who carries out disinsection and deratization of the house or yard.
- ease of use. Transportation, storage, and use of disinsectants and rodenticides should not be a hassle.
- price. It is not necessary to save on such means, but the cost should be fair.
Our products meet all these requirements. Due to this, the production and sale (and in this case demand gives rise to supply) increase annually by 10%. It is chosen for quality, efficiency, innovation, and democratic value. We do not advertise our products - it is recommended by those who have already tested its effectiveness in practice.

Every 4 years - a complete update of the product range.
Every 4 years we completely change the range of our products, launching unique tools on the market - more modern, innovative, efficient, easy to use and transport, safe. This is an unspoken law of our company, which we strictly follow. Updates relate to formula, packaging, design, formulation.
The next update is scheduled for 2021. We will not reveal all the secrets yet, but we assure you: these 10 novelties, created with the use of innovative technologies and scientific developments, new formulations will be a bold breakthrough for the Ukrainian market.
Separately note the convenience of new formulations for transportation and storage of products. The form of packaging has changed, so you can reduce the cost of transportation and save space in warehouses - now effective means of deratization and disinfection of "Usadba-Agrochem" LLC take up much less space.

Plans for 2021
In 2021, we plan to open warehouses in different regions of Ukraine - this will allow everyone to have equal access to our products and competitive prices, by saving on transport services.