Brand uniqueness: honest efficiency

The uniqueness of the brand is formed depending on the chosen marketing strategy, which includes all the competitive advantages of the product: its quality, features of production, breadth of the production line, pricing policy. Our marketing strategy is honesty. We offer you to get acquainted with it.

Fair competition
We have occupied our niche; we have our vision of how the company should develop and what is required for this. We do not copy competitors and do not play "marketing wars". Our course aims to create products with competitive advantages that clearly distinguish them in the market - quality, efficiency, innovation, safety. Our strategy is to work on ourselves and improve our product. This is fair for the buyer, the market, and the competitors.

Quality products
Means of disinsection and deratization of “Usadba-Agrochem" LLC are created according to the formula: maximum efficiency with complete safety. Our products are guaranteed to help deal with the problem of pests, rodents, cockroaches, insects, without posing a threat to humans and pets. We study the market, the latest advances in science and every 4 years we completely update our production line. We are the first in Ukraine to produce formulations that have not been used on the market before. They are more efficient, safer, easier to transport and use than anything you have encountered before. This is a new generation product.

Focus on consumer demand
"Usadba-Agrochem" LLC fulfils the agreements and does not deceive the consumer. Our task is not to force t to buy but to motivate the desire to buy. We study the demands and needs of the market and develop products that will best meet them. Product line upgrades concern formula improvements that make it more efficient, comfortable to use, and store. We take into account criticism and wishes and are always interested in the opinion of the buyer. We strive to find an individual approach to each client and work on comfortable cooperation in each case. Terms of delivery, payment, the shipment of products are always discussed individually. It is very important for us that you recommend our products and company to your colleagues and acquaintances, and without quality service it is impossible.

Fair prices
The cost of products for pest and rodent control from "Usadba-Agrochem" LLC is democratic and is one of our specific advantages. Especially in the context of the balance of "price-quality". And the optimal portion size in each package will not force you to overpay for the amount of product that you do not need.

European standards
Desensitisers and rodenticides of "Usadba-Agrochem" LLC meet European standards of quality, safety, and environmental friendliness. Our products do not harm people, pets, and wildlife animals.