The company's field of activity: we will protect your garden

"Usadba-Agrochem" LLC is a high-quality product for disinsection and deratization in the house and the backyard. We focused on two niches to become a leader in them. Today we will tell you in detail about our key areas of activity.

Protection for your house
One of the areas of our activity is the production of pesticides that "occupy" residential buildings. This category includes products aimed at the fight against:
- rats.
- mice.
- wasps.
- cockroaches.
- front sight.
- mile.
- bedbugs and other unwanted "neighbours".
Each drug meets the highest quality standards, as evidenced by certificates and documents. It is available in the optimal formulation - for easy use without hassle. Under each pest, unique formula is created that allows you to effectively fight it without harming the occupants of the house, pets, and your property. Our products will get rid of pest problems that bother you.

Protection for your garden
"Usadba-Agrochem" LLC will protect your garden. This is the second direction of our activity. We produce products that will protect plants from diseases and pests, improve and nourish the soil, help fight weeds. Here you can choose comprehensive care for a particular crop: it will include all stages, from careful care of seeds, its preparation for planting to harvest. This will help you get more out of your site than you expect, with less hassle and effort.
Weed control products can - and should - be used not only in the garden but throughout the site, even if you do not grow useful crops. They effectively cope with weeds in tile joints, on country paths, lawns.
Before using the tools, we recommend that you read the instructions carefully and follow the rule - this will achieve the maximum result.

Safe protection: focused action only on rodents
Safety and environmental friendliness are very important selection criteria for desensitization and deratization. Such products should not pose a threat to people, pets, plants in the garden. The products of "Usadba-Agrochem" LLC are as follows.
The unique formulas of our products are non-toxic, in the process of working with them in compliance with simple rules of use, they are safe. Unique formulations minimize contact with the product, they do not require long preparation for use, do not enter into chemical reactions with air.
They contain special additives that repel pets with their smell - so they do not eat them, minimizing the risk of poisoning. All products meet European "green" standards.
All standards are met in the manufacture of transportation, storage, and production, which increases the effect of appropriate drugs.